4 Axis Horizontal Milling Services

Four Axis Horizontal Machining Services

4 Axis Horizontal CNC milling

Dowse Engineering use the latest 4 Axis horizontal machining technology to give you large batch component runs at low costs.

Our continual investment in machinery and highly skilled staff enable us to deliver your products quickly and cost effectively. We work with a wide range of engineering materials from the standard steels and aluminuim to more exotic materials such as tungsten and other alloys.

Dowse Engineering are able to turn around your products quickly and cost effectively through our lights-out manufacturing processes.  Our 4 Axis Horizontal CNC milling machines are equipped with 11 automatic loading pallets, enabling a 24/7 machining without operators.   This enables us to deliver your precision components quickly and at a high consistent quality.  By automating longer batch runs, economies of scale are created.  Reduced overheads such as staff and unit power costs enabling Dowse Engineering to manufacture your longer batch runs very cost effectively by light out running.

If you need longer batch running for your components, contact us today for a quotation.  Dowse engineering also provide 5 Axis machining, finishing and quality control services to AS9100 Aerospace accreditation standards.

Horizontal Milling Services