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Dowse Engineering continually invest in the latest engineering technology and the highly trained engineers who operate them.


Mikron HPM 450 UMatsuura MAM 72 35V 5 Axis with 32 Pallets– 20,000 rpm, 160 tools, travels: X550 Y440 X580

The Matsuura MAM72-35V has been the clear market leader for machines in it’s class for over two decades, throughout all of this dynamic machines inceptions & upgrades. Possessing 32 pallets as standard, the MAM72-35V is the solution for long periods of unmanned 5 axis simultaneous productivity.

Mikron HPM 450 UDMG 75 Monoblock x 2– Simultaneous 5 axis, 18,000 rpm, travel: X750 Y650 Z550

With 750 mm travel in the x-axis, NC swivel rotary table, 18,000 rpm motor spindle and a tool magazine with 60 positions: the DMU 75 monoBLOCK® offers the best features all round. This makes it possible to machine workpieces of up to 840 mm in diameter and 600 kg in a space of less than 8 m². The working area can also be loaded from above without difficulty. The 3D control systems Heidenhain TNC 640 or Siemens 840D solution line and the integrated MPC (Machine Protection Control) round off this unique five-axis complete solution.

Plant informationMikron HPM 600 – Simultaneous 5 axis 20,000 rpm, 60 tools, travels: X650 Y650 Z550

With modular design and rigid and robust construction, these machining centres are designed for every single application area: ranging from prototype production to tool and mould making and right up to fully automated production; this is due to the large number of options and their combinations. A choice of several automation options is available, as well as various swarf removal and coolant processing systems, and high-performance tool spindles.

Mikron HSM 400 ULPMikron HSM 400 ULP – Simultaneous 42,000 rpm, 5 axis linear travel machine, 18 pallets, 68 tools, travels: X500, Y240 Z360

The Mikron HSM 600U LP high-speed milling center is recommended for prototype production, die making and fully automated, low-volume series production where accuracy and surface finish are critical. With 31.49-in. X-axis and 23.62-in. Y-axis travels, the HSM 600U LP accommodates larger work pieces so it’s available for a wide range of applications, including hard metal machining thanks to a robust design.

Mikron HPM 450 UMikron HPM 450 U – Simultaneous 20,000 rpm, 7 pallets, 120 tools, travel: X600 Y450 Z450

The Mikron HPM 450U is a powerful 5-axis solution for universal, automated production which perfectly combines dynamics and stability.
In addition to the compact basic machine, the Mikron HPM 450U offers two selectable high-performance milling spindles, a wide on the customer requirements adjustable tool magazine range, as well as the well-proven pallet magazine variety. The Mikron HPM 450U offers impressive machining possibilities from simple drilling to complex 5-sided machining up to 5-axis simultaneous machining.

Mikron HPM 450 UDMG EVO 50 Linear– Simultaneous 18,000 rpm, 60 tools, travel: X500 Y450 Z420

The DMG Evo 50 Linear is a 5-axis Vertical Machining Centre. Manufactured by leading precision compnent machine manufacturer DMG, the machine is a high end five axis simultaneous milling machine. Technical data includes:

5-axis Vertical Machining Centre DMG DMU 50 eVo linear. Table Dimensions: 500 x 380mm X-axis: 500mm Y-axis: 450mm Z-axis: 400 mm B-axis: 0-162 °. C-axis: 360 °. Spindle taper: SK40 Spindle Maximum Speed: 18000rpm Tool Magazine: 30-station CNC system: Heidenhain iTNC530.

Mikron HPM 450 UHAAS VF3SS– 12,000 rpm, HAAS Controller, 3 axis vertical, 4th axis indexing unit, travels: X1000 Y550 X550

Super Speed Vertical Machining Center; 40″ x 20″ x 25″ (1016 x 508 x 635 mm), 40 taper, 30 hp (22.4 kW) vector drive, 12,000 rpm, inline direct-drive, high-speed 24+1 side-mount tool changer, 1400 ipm (35.6 m/min) rapids, 1 MB program memory, 15″ color LCD monitor, USB port, memory lock keyswitch, rigid tapping and 55-gallon (208 liter) flood coolant system.

Mikron HPM 450 UMatsuura HPlus 300 PC11 Pallet Pool– 15,000rpm, 4 axis, 120 tools, travels: X500 Y500 Z500

The Matsuura H.Plus-300 is one of our most popular products in the long heritage of Matsuura horizontal products. All H.Plus Series machines are available with a myriad of pallet, spindle and ATC configurations – tailored to your process and workload – with proven reliability and exceptional performance as standard.

Mikron HPM 450 UMatsuura MAM 500hg PC11 Pallet Pool– 15,000rpm, 4 axis, 210 tools, travels: X550 Y470 Z450

The MATSUURA MAM 500HF PC-11 is a 10-pallet pool system Horizontal Machining Center.  Specifications include: Travels 20″ x 18.8″ x 18″, Tool Stations: 60, Spindles:  1, Taper: BT-40. Motor Power:  15 kw, Spindle Speed: 8,000 rpm Equipped with CNC Control and 10 Multiple Pallets.

Mikron HPM 450 UNew NIKON Laser Ready CMM– travels: X1500 Y1000 Z800, scanning probe on a Renishaw PH10 head, Software CMM manager and Camio

Nikon Metrology introduces its latest CMM laser scanner, the Nikon InSight L100. Since 20 years, Nikon Metrology pioneered laser scanning and gradually sharpened the capabilities of this non-contact measuring technology. Nikon’s superior optics combined with innovative camera technology resulted in this new, groundbreaking Nikon scanner. The InSight L100 CMM laser scanner offers the best possible combination of speed, accuracy and ease-of-use. Suited for both surface and feature measurement, even on shiny or multi-material parts, the Insight L100 quickly delivers accurate data and insightful part-to-CAD comparison reports.

Mikron HPM 450 UPDJ Vibro Rumbler– ERBR EVP 250, Specially designed heavy duty electric vibrations motor, continuously adjustable vibration control.

The Vibro Rumbler have high abrasive efficiency and the excellent separation due to integrated ramp. Special design heavy-duty electric vibration motor with continuously adjustable vibration control.  the machine can be used in conjunction with other machinery.  Optional pneumatic controlled separation flap and optional full automatic process control and high durable hot-poured polyurethane lining allows us to finish your products perfectly.

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